Do I need Social Media Presence for my Business?

Many business owners think they have to have a social media presence.  My answer to this is only if you are going to take the time or have the resources to manage it.  Social media that is done well, can serve as a publication of the culture within your business.  It should reflect the personality of the business and the team that represents the business.  It should feature news, lifestyle, events, awards and general information, not just about the company, but about the people that work there on a daily basis.  It takes a dedicated effort, similar to how a newspaper reporter finds the story of the day or week.  We find it is normally best if this is managed in house and not contracted out with an outside company or a company posting generic copy. It’s okay to occasionally sell through your social media outlet, but it should be on a limited basis for organic content.  Paid social media should be considered as part of your overall strategy for advertising purposes if it aligns with your goals.  Think of your social media presence as the pulse within the walls that you want the public to be aware of and we recommend that you keep it fresh and updated.

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