OmniSure Consulting Group, LLC is an Austin, Texas-based company with a reputation for doing an outstanding job for clients before they are needed. That’s because their specialty centers around insurance and risk management solutions designed to prevent lawsuits, negative publicity, and costly insurance claims.

They boast many healthcare, social services, and professional design companies and organizations as clients.

The Mission


We once built a site for a Seattle-based company named Ultra Risk Advisors that went on to win awards for design and functionality. OmniSure has partnered with Ultra Risk Advisors before, and came to us asking for what seemed like a simple request: Do what you did for Ultra Risk Advisors.

One problem: We couldn’t, because OmniSure Consulting Group’s outside-the-box approach demanded a solution that was equally as innovative.

After extensive conversation, we determined what OmniSure needed wasn’t just an innovative web presence, but a complete marketing strategy to showcase OmniSure’s new – and effective – ways of protecting partner interests.

The Plan

A new website focused on user experience was a must, and to this day we still update the site with new improvements. We developed an infrastructure to allow client-specific microsites, and they feature a password-protected library of industry resources.

Back-end functionality earned a boost with functions allowing for easy sharing of video tips, training documents and tools, and other helpful items OmniSure Consulting Group could provide to clients. These custom videos offerquick general tips for each client’s industry and highlight ways OmniSure can help as a premium provider.

We followed with targeted emails to not only explain what OmniSure is all about, but to show it through the direct and highly-visual medium. Each email contained a specific topic aimed at the recipient’s interests, leading to more visits to the site for further information on the email’s content.

The Tools  

  • New website
  • Microsites for each client
  • Weekly strategy sessions and project management
  • Targeted email blasts, along with corresponding HTML pages on the website
  • High-def video production of multiple industry-specific videos

The Payoff  

OmniSure has enjoyed great success – enough to set a goal of increasing their presence and growing revenue more than 400 percent over the next 48 months. That’s a win for all parties involved!

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