Arnold Palmer’s Marketing Magic

We love golf here in Augusta, so here’s a neat little tidbit we thought we’d share. Even though Arnold Palmer is over 80 years old and had his professional heyday back in the 50s and 60s, he is still a viable marketing icon. Let’s put it this way – he earned $36 million in endorsements last year alone. That’s pretty impressive, period.

Now he’s rolling out new products and endorsements, including retro-styled clothing and soft drinks. According to an article in AdAge, his brand image is in position to continue going strong for the next few decades, possibly long after Arnie is no longer with us.

The important lesson to take from this is that a great deal of branding is about image and perception. Palmer hasn’t been a competitive player in decades, but he established himself as a living legend and was able to use it to his advantage when his golfing days were over. Build your marketing legacy now and it can work for you well into the future.

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