Augusta Transit provides quality and safe transit services to the general public of all regions of the Augusta-Richmond County area. Not only do they provide dependable and affordable transportation, they pride themselves on being completely accessible and easy to navigate for seniors and the disabled. Augusta Transit offers the fixed bus route service with 9 different routes, the Richmond Rural Transit service, and the ADA-accessible Paratransit service. Their services allow seniors to maintain their independence, students to attend their classes, and all citizens to get to their jobs and shopping around town.

augusta transit marketing strategy

marketing strategy - brochures


In early 2017, Augusta Transit was looking to highlight their functionality and increase its visibility and the diversity of its patrons by educating more people about the services that they provide, as they feel it was an untapped resource by many in the area, such as students and business professionals. They also wanted to put a spotlight on their paratransit service, which is unique as it is a curb to curb van service that is available to qualifying persons with permanent or temporary disabilities. Augusta Transit had already started rebranding to a more updated look and wanted to build on that momentum. Mass Media was tasked with increasing the public awareness about the transit services and the value of utilizing this community service.

marketing strategy - billboards

marketing strategy - augusta transit billboards

augusta transit billboards


Augusta Transit is a brand that had become dated and a little forgotten about, so we needed to give it a fresh new face to help change the public’s perception of public transportation. We developed an integrated, cross-media marketing strategy for Augusta Transit. An updated color scheme and contemporary design across the board paired with fresh collateral print materials, billboard designs and commercials helped put Augusta Transit back on the map. We also created support materials and brochures that provide information on passes and fares, route schedules, tips for using a mobility device and more. More recently, we have begun working on enhancing Augusta Transit’s social media presence with new social media accounts and regular posts and updates.


  • Creating brochures, instructional manuals, and pamphlets to further the spreading of information for Augusta Transit services
  • Creating billboards, TV commercials, and magazine ads that help shape a new public image and highlight all of their various services


By creating a new color scheme, logo, and marketing materials, the brand has come back to life and feels more approachable to the general public. This campaign is still ongoing and we are continuing our efforts to increase ridership through the Augusta area with people of all walks of life – young and old, students and employees, those riding for pleasure and those riding out of necessity.

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