Blogging…Is it necessary??

Blogging is more important that you may think.

As the internet became more mainstream, websites were once considered a luxury for a business. But today, they’re a necessity, especially considering the sheer amount of searches performed every day. Plenty of businesses own a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or keep up with what the competition is doing on their site.

But most ignore the potential rewards of blogging.

Blogging has become an integral part of marketing a business and generating traffic. Fresh, new content can provide users many aspects the rest of your site can’t. For instance, if a hot news story breaks and it’s related to what you do, you can take advantage and blog about it – relating your company to a strong public talking point. Or, you can show off some behind-the-scenes material to increase transparency with your client base (and maybe have fun getting your staff involved). They shouldn’t be overly formal – these blogs should showcase YOU!

Although it’s not as strong a pull anymore, blogging also can help your site relate to target keywords and phrases you want customers to find you for. Google takes into consideration fresh content and does its best to keep tabs on all of the new content being produced everyday.

In addition, there are many news stories that rely on trusted blogs for great research, and use new studies and data when they’re posted. You never really know just what will catch the public’s eye!

For those without a strong writing background, we can certainly help – from generating ideas for your blog to helping write compelling content that will engage your customers. If you’re curious for more information, then give us a shout today!


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