Augusta Transit provides quality and safe transit services to the general public of all regions of the Augusta-Richmond County area. Not only do they provide dependable and affordable transportation, they pride themselves on being completely accessible and easy to navigate for seniors and the disabled. Augusta Transit offers the fixed bus route service with 9 different routes, the Richmond Rural Transit service, and the ADA-accessible Paratransit service. Their services allow seniors to maintain their independence, students to attend their classes, and all citizens to get to their jobs and shopping around town.

augusta transit marketing strategy

marketing strategy - brochures


In early 2017, Augusta Transit was looking to highlight their functionality and increase its visibility and the diversity of its patrons by educating more people about the services that they provide, as they feel it was an untapped resource by many in the area, such as students and business professionals. They also wanted to put a spotlight on their paratransit service, which is unique as it is a curb to curb van service that is available to qualifying persons with permanent or temporary disabilities. Augusta Transit had already started rebranding to a more updated look and wanted to build on that momentum. Mass Media was tasked with increasing the public awareness about the transit services and the value of utilizing this community service.

marketing strategy - billboards

marketing strategy - augusta transit billboards

augusta transit billboards


Augusta Transit is a brand that had become dated and a little forgotten about, so we needed to give it a fresh new face to help change the public’s perception of public transportation. We developed an integrated, cross-media marketing strategy for Augusta Transit. An updated color scheme and contemporary design across the board paired with fresh collateral print materials, billboard designs and commercials helped put Augusta Transit back on the map. We also created support materials and brochures that provide information on passes and fares, route schedules, tips for using a mobility device and more. More recently, we have begun working on enhancing Augusta Transit’s social media presence with new social media accounts and regular posts and updates.


  • Creating brochures, instructional manuals, and pamphlets to further the spreading of information for Augusta Transit services
  • Creating billboards, TV commercials, and magazine ads that help shape a new public image and highlight all of their various services


By creating a new color scheme, logo, and marketing materials, the brand has come back to life and feels more approachable to the general public. This campaign is still ongoing and we are continuing our efforts to increase ridership through the Augusta area with people of all walks of life – young and old, students and employees, those riding for pleasure and those riding out of necessity.



Audi Charlotte is part of the local, family-owned organization Donald Automotive Group and is located in Matthews, North Carolina. It is an award-winning Audi dealer serving the greater Charlotte area. Audi Charlotte prides itself on its involvement with and support of the community. It is with their commitment to excellent customer service and focus on their core values that they have secured the spot as the #1 Audi Dealer for the last 16 years in North Carolina. Audi Charlotte has most recently been recognized as the 2018 DealerRater Dealer of the Year Award and received a 2018 DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award.


Audi Charlotte came to us in July of 2016, when their sales and digital traffic were just not quite where they wanted them to be. They were not getting enough monthly traffic to their website and their sales numbers did not reflect the outstanding quality of the dealership.

A part of this, we felt, was due to their minimal branding in the community as well as their lack of a strong digital presence. Therefore, our mission was to drive more traffic to Audi Charlotte in every way possible. Mass Media needed to totally rewrite their marketing plan to effectively increase their sales with a comprehensive advertising strategy that included a heavy digital focus and branding the dealership through traditional media such as commercials and ads in order to increase their monthly sales and web traffic.


In order accomplish these goals we set with Audi Charlotte, we needed to first establish their brand within the community as more than just a car dealership – it’s a staple of the Charlotte area. By carefully crafting a new slogan – “You Belong in an Audi” – and generating memorable advertising with a unique yet sophisticated voice in commercials, as well as fresh creative, we helped to seamlessly weave them into the fabric of the community of Charlotte. As for across-the-board marketing, our general focal point was to communicate to people that they belong in an Audi, emphasizing the fact that their vehicles are top-of-the-line, technologically advanced and available at surprisingly affordable prices.

A new, redesigned website was also at the top of our to-do list; our goal being to make it more user friendly, interactive, and more optimized for search engines to help increase web traffic numbers. We began composing regular social media and blog posts, as they are an essential ingredient to keep the dealership involved and in constant communication with the Charlotte community. We also implemented a vigorous digital marketing campaign led by our in-house team of Google AdWords professionals that consisted of retargeting digital ads, online videos and email blasts.


  • Redesigned website to be more user friendly, more interactive, more engaging and optimized for search engines,
  • A comprehensive digital advertising strategy with retargeting ads, email blasts and videos
  • Social media and blog posts to continue the conversation with past and prospect customers
  • Designed trade show booths, banners, and tents for events to further expose the Audi Charlotte brand to the public
  • Memorable and fresh new slogan and traditional advertising that helped to solidify and establish the Audi Charlotte brand

automotive marketing television

automotive marketing events

automotive marketing plans


The results of our comprehensive marketing strategy to increase monthly sales and web traffic for Audi of Charlotte were almost immediately noticeable. Since July 2016, Audi of Charlotte’s monthly sales have increased and they have continued to climb the sales rankings. Their website sales also increased, and their monthly website traffic increased by an astounding 335 percent, jumping from an average of 5,000 views to more than 27,000 views a month.



Augusta Oncology is a cancer treatment center in Augusta, GA, with a focus on providing community-based oncology to its patients. Community-based cancer care provided by Augusta Oncology incorporates all aspects of outpatient cancer care, like laboratory and diagnostic imaging capabilities, as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, in one convenient treatment center located within a patient’s community. This convenience allows patients to maintain a better quality of life and also helps them adhere to their therapy plan more consistently, which is vital to success of the treatment.

Augusta Oncology consists of board certified physicians who work together to provide continuous coverage to patients in the office, hospital, and after hours. They have 2 locations  in Augusta in order to serve patients all over the CSRA. The practice is physician-owned – so they’re able to offer the most advanced treatments at the lowest possible cost to their patients. Augusta Oncology’s coordinated team approach, along with its dedicated support staff, helps patients contend with the clinical, financial, and emotional challenges of cancer treatment
so they can focus on healing.

medical marketing websites


In late 2015, Augusta Oncology reached out to Mass Media Marketing for guidance with the practice’s marketing plan. Since 2008, Augusta Oncology had not experienced much annual growth beyond the national projected growth rate of 2%, and, during some years, they lost market share. While the number of consults increased each year, the practice’s growth rate remained relatively stagnant, ranging from 4% to -4% during the span of 2009 to 2015.

Mass Media Marketing was tasked with devising a completely new creative strategy for Augusta Oncology to be implemented in the first quarter of 2016. After extensive conversation and collaboration, we determined that Augusta Oncology needed a comprehensive marketing strategy to establish the practice as Augusta’s number one choice for cancer treatment.


A new website focused on patient experience was a must, as the existing website utilized a “cookie cutter” template already utilized by hundreds of other cancer treatment centers. The site was cluttered, challenging to navigate, and not aesthetically pleasing. M3 planned the development of a brand new website for the practice to help showcase all of the benefits of Augusta Oncology, as well as provide resources for cancer patients and caregivers in the area for easy sharing of support group meetings, training documents and tools, and other helpful information.

At the launch of the new website, we began posting regular blogs and maintaining Augusta Oncology’s social media presence in an effort to continue the conversation with patients and their families beyond the doctor’s office. We also use these tools to ensure patients are thoroughly educated and always informed about every aspect their health, from the most up-to-date and effective cancer treatment options available, to community events.

We wanted to position Augusta Oncology not only as the area’s authority in cancer treatment but also a strong advocate for cancer awareness and prevention. By producing commercials that featured real, local patients and showing the doctors who care for them, potential patients could now put faces with the name Augusta Oncology and show that excellent and progressive cancer care doesn’t have to mean leaving the comfort of your own community.

These custom videos allowed a glimpse into the experiences of past and current patients, and their testimonials were all scheduled, filmed and produced on-site.

We also went to work on creating numerous collateral materials for Augusta Oncology. We produced everything from billboards and digital ads to ensure visibility, as well as brochures and videos that not only give an idea of services provided, but also address questions many new patients have when they first begin their treatment. We made it essential that all of the new collateral echoed the messages of success, and the convenience and comfort of getting quality cancer care in your own neighborhood from caregivers you can trust.


  • New website development with a clean, easy-to-navigate layout, fresh professional photos  of the physician team, staff members, and patients, relevant resources for patients & their caregivers, along with convenient access to a patient portal and online bill pay.
  • High-definition video production to highlight the experiences of past and current patients.
  • Print design that echoed the look, feel, and message of the website and television commercials.
  • Hands-on social media management to better connect the practice tothe community.

medical marketing billboards


We wanted to position Augusta Oncology not only as the area’s authority in cancer treatment but also a strong advocate for cancer awareness and prevention. By producing commercials that featured real, local patients and showing the doctors who care for them, potential patients could now put faces with the name Augusta Oncology and show that excellent and progressive cancer care doesn’t have to mean leaving the comfort of your own community.

Since the implementation of their customized marketing plan, Augusta Oncology has increased their top-of-mind awareness in the Augusta market and took a significant portion of market share from its competitors.  In 2016, Augusta Oncology’s annual growth was measured at 10% beyond the national growth rate of 2%, for a total annual growth rate of 12%.



Westmoore is an upscale and modern townhome community located in Loudoun County, Virginia. It consists of 599 urban-designed townhomes and modern single-family attached city homes that offer open living spaces, private rooftop terraces and modern finishes. Westmoore is designed with vibrant living in mind. This particular community is unique due to its central location – being a short walk from the metro station’s new silver line – as well as its numerous resort-style amenities, such as parks, poolside cabanas, miles of trails and more. With the walkability, the access to the metro and being part of the BuiltSmart Program, Westmoore is one of the most efficient places to live. The homes are designed to save energy and are built for the lowest impact on natural resources.


Together with our satellite office in Washington, D.C., we were appointed to create a community brand that established an urban vibe in the middle of suburban Loudoun County that bolstered the idea of New Urbanism and supported the unique paradox that exists in the convenience of connectivity and the peacefulness of suburban living. The only catch? 750 qualified prospects on the Priority List within three months and 250 guests in attendance at the Grand Opening event.


We knew that Westmoore would be a commuter’s dream with its location just steps to the new Silver Line Metro and in close proximity to major commuter routes. We also knew that the best way to reach these prospects was through an integrated marketing strategy with an emphasis on the digital efforts. By using a team of certified Google AdWords professionals, a search and display program was developed that reached prospects exactly where and when they’re searching, whether it’s at home or at work. Even the offline components of the strategy were easily tracked online for effectiveness and on-the-fly adjustments to the overall marketing strategy.

Designing and implementing a custom-built website was vital to help garner and retain interest from prospective buyers by providing information and updates regarding the development, while also helping to create a visual identity and brand for the feel of the community.

We also needed a “home base” for the prospects to come and find out more information about the community that seamlessly reflects all that it has to offer. Entering the Westmoore Sales Center, the rectangular, wall-to-wall signage, illustrating a train speeding past, offers prospective buyers a glimpse of what a life at Westmoore could bring: “A commute with a Silver Lining.” The Center’s white coffered ceiling is borrowed directly from that of the Washington Metro station, submerging potential residents in the thought of a new, simplified and connected lifestyle. With a large, custom designed site plan table and a wall-length area map, the Westmoore impact is hard to miss.

The Westmoore Sales Center highlights the connectivity, simplicity and ease that this community offers for potential residents. Incorporating elements of urban design and modern simplicity, the center effectively conveys the experience of what simplified metro living is all about from the moment you walk inside.

We also designed and produced high quality, large brochures with beautiful imagery and informative literature regarding the community. We also designed and produced an in-depth signage package consisting of signage for the entire community to tie the brand together in every possible aspect.


  • A hands-on, fully integrated digital marketing strategy that helped reach prospects online and draw traffic to the website
  • Custom built, interactive website that keeps prospective buyers in the know of all things Westmoore
  • A Sales Center that effectively reflects the community and encompasses all that Westmoore has to offer
  • An intensive and eye-catching signage package that builds on the look of the Westmoore brand to increase visibility
  • On-brand and informative print collateral


With solid, active digital marketing management, outstanding print and digital collateral and a show-stopping sales center, we didn’t just meet the client’s target of 750 qualified prospects in three months and 250 guests in attendance at the Grand Opening. Instead, interest was buzzing. Promises were over-delivered. And the end result was a list of 1,600 prospects on the Priority list, 550 guests in attendance at the two private preview events, and 750 guests in attendance at the Grand Opening. Now that’s twice as nice.

Champions Retreat

Champions Retreat is a private golf club located in Evans, GA – a short drive and two turns from the world-famous Augusta National Golf Club. Three interchangeable nine-hole tracks boast designs by the three most-renowned names in golf: The Big Three of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player.

Besides amazing golf, the club is known for fine dining and on-site cottages perfect for any corporate event or weekend getaway.

The Mission

When we were approached regarding what was to become Champions Retreat, it was little more than a killer concept and prime parcel of under-development real estate tucked into a shallow bend on the Savannah River. Our job was to develop the brand, materials, and messaging to communicate a strong and simple message to golf fans locally and around the world.

World-class golf had arrived in the Augusta area – again.

A daunting task, considering the reputation Augusta has with golf. But with three big names to work with, the challenge was to develop a public perception living up to the names associated with each of the courses.

The Plan

It all started with a logo. Without a history to work from, we wanted to begin the process with a simple, strong, elegant and appropriate logo that would not only define Champions Retreat, but also function in a variety of ways. Whether appearing on stationary, shirts, or a flag flapping on number 18, it had to clearly communicate a place that didn’t need flashy gimmicks or over-the-top design. Quality is understood when you see it, and the logo would communicate that.

Then, it was time to build. A distinct color palette and specific brand guidelines were first, because our belief was the perception of Champions Retreat should match the club’s ethos – something that demanded an appropriate measure of elegance. These guidelines created a foundation on which we established everything else for Champions Retreat – including brochures, course guides, cottage rental and real estate materials, membership directories, course photography, and the custom-built website.

With the brand established, it was time to show it off. A high-profile outdoor campaign ran during the Masters Tournament, and a media campaign encompassed both local and national media outreach with a simple message: The champions – Palmer, Player and Nicklaus – had come to Champions.

The Payoff  

Champions Retreat has built a robust and active membership across the region and nationally. During the club’s first year of operation, it was voted one of the Top 50 New Courses by Golf Digest.

Learn more about Champions Retreat here:

Merit Flooring, Kitchen & Bath

The Mission

Business was still booming, but The Carpet Shop’s brand was becoming as dated as the wall-to-wall carpet trend. Established in 1957, it had proved capable of adapting with all sorts of flooring trends by carrying hardwoods, ceramics, and laminates. But the company’s name made branding this up-to-date nature of the store difficult.

The Carpet Shop needed a brand that was modern and reflected the business’ current focus – contemporary flooring, kitchens, and baths. Those aren’t exactly adjectives you’d usually associate with carpet! We understood discarded a well-established brand meant losing a bit of the illustrious history, but everyone agreed moving ahead meant moving on. The new brand needed to focus more on the quality of service and product the customer receives, with a name that wasn’t as product-focused.

Enter Merit.

The Plan

The transformation featured much more than switching out a few signs and ordering new stationary. Rebranding three retail locations was a real case of bringing in the new: Redesigned interiors, a new logo, signage, collateral materials, and vehicle branding.

But that alone wasn’t enough. We had to communicate, to both retail and commercial customers, that the Merit brand deserved the trust implied by the name. We developed a plan to effectively and efficiently communicate that to all of Merit’s many and varied customers, involving an active traditional and digital media campaign focused on bringing the new look. Logo, and message in the public eye.

The Tools  

  • Custom SEO-enhanced website
  • New television and radio creative
  • Targeted digital ads
  • A long-form infomercial
  • Dynamic vehicle wraps
  • Comprehensive redesign of public-facing brand elements – including uniforms, showrooms and collateral
  • Focused message delivery via media and in-store events

The Payoff  

  • Business in the Evans location rose 30% over the previous year.
  • Business at the Aiken location skyrocketed: 130% over last year!
  • Flooring sales increased.
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations are fully booked six months out.


The Carpet Shop had 50 years of success. —We gave that success Merit.


Augusta Solid Waste, the City of Augusta’s refuse disposal division, took a significant step toward a cleaner and greener community by beginning to adapt all of its solid waste department vehicles to the environmentally friendly CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) technology. They also had a major service change with trash pickup coming, changing from picking it up twice a week to once a week.

Sometimes, it is pretty easy being green.

Visit the website to learn more:


Augusta Solid Waste came to M3 in early 2013 with plans to make colossal changes in the way waste was collected in the city of Augusta: Converting all garbage trucks, street sweepers, and eventually all department vehicles to CNG. They said it seemed like the right thing for a company charged with keeping the community clean to do.

Augusta Solid Waste wanted to leverage this opportunity to tighten its image, transforming itself from ‘the garbage man’ to an innovative and forward-thinking organization focused on the health and welfare of its community.

The Plan

We began developing a tagline, “Cleaner. Greener. Smarter.” which led to a new visual identity, including new logos for the organization and the 311 systems allowing for customer questions and complaints. It would was our belief that getting noticed would lead to being appreciated.

Next was a comprehensive web redesign, with the goal of presenting Augusta Solid Waste as tech savvy – requiring an equally-slick hub for communications. The site’s intent was to accurately convey information regarding trash pickup schedule changes while serving as a source of calendar items, news, and to promote the company.

Finally, it was time to get the word out through a multi-faceted approach. Targeted customer letters highlighted schedule changes right in people’s mailboxes. We designed a trade show presence to include custom banners, flags, tents, and posters. Eye-catching print and outdoor advertising, coupled with on-site animations, cemented the full campaign.

From the bright, bold message-driven wraps we designed for both CNG garbage and recycling trucks to new collateral pieces, we wanted people to understand this was something innovative – but most importantly, that it was clean.

That IS a company like Augusta Solid Waste’s mission, after all!

The Payoff  

Augusta Solid Waste transitioned to their “Cleaner. Greener. Smarter.” service. Since the new initiative began, requests for recycling carts has greatly increased, raising the number of homes recycling in Augusta. The unique truck designs have become a recognizable symbol within the community and have helped to install Augusta Solid Waste as a recognizable leader in the community.


OmniSure Consulting Group, LLC is an Austin, Texas-based company with a reputation for doing an outstanding job for clients before they are needed. That’s because their specialty centers around insurance and risk management solutions designed to prevent lawsuits, negative publicity, and costly insurance claims.

They boast many healthcare, social services, and professional design companies and organizations as clients.

The Mission


We once built a site for a Seattle-based company named Ultra Risk Advisors that went on to win awards for design and functionality. OmniSure has partnered with Ultra Risk Advisors before, and came to us asking for what seemed like a simple request: Do what you did for Ultra Risk Advisors.

One problem: We couldn’t, because OmniSure Consulting Group’s outside-the-box approach demanded a solution that was equally as innovative.

After extensive conversation, we determined what OmniSure needed wasn’t just an innovative web presence, but a complete marketing strategy to showcase OmniSure’s new – and effective – ways of protecting partner interests.

The Plan

A new website focused on user experience was a must, and to this day we still update the site with new improvements. We developed an infrastructure to allow client-specific microsites, and they feature a password-protected library of industry resources.

Back-end functionality earned a boost with functions allowing for easy sharing of video tips, training documents and tools, and other helpful items OmniSure Consulting Group could provide to clients. These custom videos offerquick general tips for each client’s industry and highlight ways OmniSure can help as a premium provider.

We followed with targeted emails to not only explain what OmniSure is all about, but to show it through the direct and highly-visual medium. Each email contained a specific topic aimed at the recipient’s interests, leading to more visits to the site for further information on the email’s content.

The Tools  

  • New website
  • Microsites for each client
  • Weekly strategy sessions and project management
  • Targeted email blasts, along with corresponding HTML pages on the website
  • High-def video production of multiple industry-specific videos

The Payoff  

OmniSure has enjoyed great success – enough to set a goal of increasing their presence and growing revenue more than 400 percent over the next 48 months. That’s a win for all parties involved!

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