Champions Retreat

Champions Retreat is a private golf club located in Evans, GA – a short drive and two turns from the world-famous Augusta National Golf Club. Three interchangeable nine-hole tracks boast designs by the three most-renowned names in golf: The Big Three of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player.

Besides amazing golf, the club is known for fine dining and on-site cottages perfect for any corporate event or weekend getaway.

The Mission

When we were approached regarding what was to become Champions Retreat, it was little more than a killer concept and prime parcel of under-development real estate tucked into a shallow bend on the Savannah River. Our job was to develop the brand, materials, and messaging to communicate a strong and simple message to golf fans locally and around the world.

World-class golf had arrived in the Augusta area – again.

A daunting task, considering the reputation Augusta has with golf. But with three big names to work with, the challenge was to develop a public perception living up to the names associated with each of the courses.

The Plan

It all started with a logo. Without a history to work from, we wanted to begin the process with a simple, strong, elegant and appropriate logo that would not only define Champions Retreat, but also function in a variety of ways. Whether appearing on stationary, shirts, or a flag flapping on number 18, it had to clearly communicate a place that didn’t need flashy gimmicks or over-the-top design. Quality is understood when you see it, and the logo would communicate that.

Then, it was time to build. A distinct color palette and specific brand guidelines were first, because our belief was the perception of Champions Retreat should match the club’s ethos – something that demanded an appropriate measure of elegance. These guidelines created a foundation on which we established everything else for Champions Retreat – including brochures, course guides, cottage rental and real estate materials, membership directories, course photography, and the custom-built website.

With the brand established, it was time to show it off. A high-profile outdoor campaign ran during the Masters Tournament, and a media campaign encompassed both local and national media outreach with a simple message: The champions – Palmer, Player and Nicklaus – had come to Champions.

The Payoff  

Champions Retreat has built a robust and active membership across the region and nationally. During the club’s first year of operation, it was voted one of the Top 50 New Courses by Golf Digest.

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