First Comes Image, Then Comes Video

Let’s rewind a few years back to 2012 (March 21st to be exact) to a blog we published focusing on images. Not only your business’s image, but an actual image and how important it was (and still is) to have them in combination with your written content. Pulled from that blog, “The web is mainly a visual medium, and memorable pictures and great design are what make an impact.” This is still 100% accurate. However, videos have been the winning ticket for recognition and awareness for businesses, organizations, special groups, etc.

If you’re scrolling through your Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter feeds, it’s more common to see videos than static images. Not much research, if any, needs to be done to prove that… It’s there. In your face. Every day. Not only has Facebook provided more features for video making (the newest: Facebook Live), but on Instagram you can add videos and even stories similar to Snapchat. Before, you could only upload photos! Wow…look how far we’ve come.

Now, before you begin posting videos willy-nilly, there’s an actual science/method/art to it. Believe us. We do this for a living…

There are some things to consider when putting together your own video. Think about your goal; is it meant to make people laugh uncontrollably while trying to keep quiet at their desk? Is it meant to tug at people’s heartstrings until they create a puddle of tears? Is it to bring awareness to controversial issues that hopefully don’t end friendships? Depending on what you’re “selling” it’s a MUST that you provide quality within the first frame, and to also add text setting the expectations for the viewer. Why? Glad you asked. It takes ONLY three to four seconds to grab our attention until we decide to keep thumbing through our feed. Impatient, are we? It is what it is, folks. We don’t make the rules.

Like mentioned earlier, a new incredible feature of Facebook is the ability to upload Live videos. This allows anyone to upload real-time footage of whatever the coverage may be. It also adds an extreme level of transparency and personal touch. If you have a case of FOMO (fear of missing out), then Facebook Live is your best friend. You’re there…but not really.

Hopefully this helps you on whatever social media journey you’re on. Although photos are not a thing of the past, it’s just that videos are more exciting, more interactive, more involved, and especially keeps us more connected.

Aaaaand ACTION!

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