Holiday gift ideas for your clients

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be racking your brain about holiday gift ideas for your clients. For us, it’s a tradition to wow clients with an awesome Christmas card and sometimes with a gift. Holiday gifts are a small end-of-year token of appreciation to thank customers for their continued business, and in a perfect world we’d buy personalized gifts to give to each of our individual clients.

However, that isn’t always practical. Companies with a large client base will likely opt to select one gift to give to all of their customers. It can be challenging to find a really great one-size-fits-all gift. Here are some tips we follow to help:


Make it fun.  A few years ago, we gifted Snuggies (the blanket with sleeves) emblazoned with the M3 logo to all of our clients.  A little cheesy? Absolutely – but Snuggies had only recently come out in the market and were still a novelty holiday gift item, so the gifts were greeted with tons of smiles and exclaims of “Hey, I’ve been wanting one of these!”

Admit it, you know you wanted one, too.

Make it useful.  It’s easy to find a gift a business owner will get lots of use from – simply think about what you yourself would find useful.  How about a USB  thumb drive in a fun, memorable shape?  Everyone uses them, everyone needs them, but you don’t always have one handy.

Make it representative of what you do.  Another year, our agency gifted bottles of champagne wrapped with oranges (if there is such a thing as a “signature fruit,” the orange would be ours), so clients could either enjoy their bottle of bubbly for New Year’s Eve – or make mimosas the next morning.

No matter the gift, use it as an opportunity to brand your business; make it symbolic, and be sure to put your logo on the gift.

Happy gift-giving, and happy holidays from your friends at M3!


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