Keeping Your Message on Target

With so many distractions in the marketplace today, it can be easy to lose focus with your marketing message. It is tempting to tell your potential customers about all the different products and services you offer, but in the end, it can end up being a long and boring laundry list.

The key is to find your hook – what makes your business stand out from all the rest? Is it better prices? Better service? Determine what it is and drive that point home. If you keep it simple and succinct, your audience will remember the message and associate you with it. If you need to have multiple messages, then do separate campaigns/ads. Don’t try to force them all into one ad.  Nothing turns off your audience faster than confusion.

Drowning the customer in details will tune them out, especially in a television or radio spot. And, in a print ad or billboard, too many details creates clutter. Keep it simple and your message will stand out. The best place to go into extra detail about your business is your website, where you can’t have too much content.

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