2014 ADDYs make our LOVE list!

This February in honor of Saint Valentine we are writing a blog series on things, we at M3 Agency | Mass Media Marketing simply LOVE.

Saturday night, the M3 Team joined Augusta’s many talented agencies and creative minds in celebrating great advertising in the form of design, production, branding and vision. Every year the Addys leave us feeling excited and challenged to raise the bar in 2014.

With that said, responsible marketing starts with a strategic plan. Reach and frequency are just as important as the creative message. Sexy, appealing, eye candy is no good if its never seen, heard or found. Striking the competitive balance for our client is where we exceed.

The majority of our clients, as the saying goes, have money on their mind and their mind on the money. Budget is a priority for our local, regional, and national small to mid-sized businesses. So we choose to get the biggest bang for our client’s buck. You have $8,000?…why not let us build a website (that works) AND film a commercial!

Listed below are our Addy Awards, which we are very privileged and proud to receive! But even more exciting and rewarding are the case studies we LOVE to write and research….because the evidence found in case studies prove that we know our business! ROI for our clients, Results and Retention are key factors that drive everything we do! And at the end of the day our clients are our family and we LOVE nothing more than to see them succeed.

Addy Awards 2014 

Gold & Special Judge’s Award by Wanda McCoy-M3 Agency Holiday Card

Silver-Plantation Blood Commercial

Bronze- Taylor BMW Audrey Spot Commercial

Bronze- Augusta Solid Waste Campaign


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