M3 Google Event = Success

The Partner’s Connect live stream held in the M3 office was a success! We had close to 10 separate small business owners who attended the event, all eager to learn about what M3 could do for them.

The stream gave an insight into how agencies such as M3 can help your small business through the world of online presence and marketing. The panel of speakers included, VP of Global Small Business Marketing Arjan Dijk, Google Adwords Evangelist Fred Vallaeys, and Director of Channel Sales America Ben Wood who each gave separate understanding into the world of online marketing.

Some key points discussed during the stream include:

–        Where do you start with online advertising

–        How will you compete with other business

–        Finding what makes you different and special

–        Finding your target audience

–        Discovering what you want to achieve

–        Focusing on the data that matters to you

–        Optimizing your website

–        Maximizing your social presence online

–        Measuring your results with Google Analytics

–        Why you should consider an agency for help

After the stream, the floor was open for any questions regarding how M3 could help a small business—and many stuck around to network and learn a little bit more about our business practices.

While it was a lot of information to remember and fit into an hour long stream, the best advice given to the small business owners was that agencies—like M3—already know all of this! As a full service agency, we can use our talents in helping your business thrive.



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