Amy Callan

Graphic Designer

Here is Amy. She graduated from Augusta University in 2014 with a BA in English, then attended a summer graduate program at University of Denver and received a Certificate in Publishing. But you know… Sometimes you gotta go back to your (Augusta) roots. In coming back to Augusta, Amy learned and found a passion for graphic design. Fortunate for us, she is now one of our graphic designers that certainly knows how to bring a client’s vision to life!

When it’s time to punch the clock, you can bet she’s doing any of the following: A) watching true crime TV shows, B) listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, C) reading while sipping coffee, and D) figuring out how to own a dog ranch with her very own pup, Scout.

Amy Padgett

Digital Director

Media buying + sales + management experience = just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Amy. With 15+ years marketing agency experience at M3 spanning Google AdWords, Google Analytics, client strategy, and more, she works with a broad range of clients and can be seen picking through data when not meeting client needs.

When she’s not safeguarding the secrets of M3, Amy serves as President of the Augusta Advertising Federation. She can often be found enjoying time with her daughters – preferably traveling, and hopefully heading to a beach. She has a focus on health and fitness, which comes in handy when she’s sweating out a University of Cincinnati victory.


Media Strategist

As a Media Strategist, Anna knows a few things about being between two worlds – especially after her time at University of Georgia with degrees in both Advertising and Communication Studies. She’s worked in multiple positions in television and non-profit organizations, providing perspective for the client and from the media’s point of view.

You’ll want to ask this Augusta native about her away-from-work interests, but a few of the many highlights include yoga, candles, her dog, dance parties, traveling, pedicures, crazy nail polish – and of course, her husband.


Account Supervisor

Whether it’s knowing a client’s expectations or streamlining how M3 works, everything Ashley does points to you, the client. Her studies in both advertising and public relations led her to an internship with us, and she’s stayed ever since while working her way to her current role overseeing Account Executives.

Ashley loves bringing her dog, Bailey, around the office, and she hits the gym as often as possible. Supporting her UGA squads, the Atlanta Braves, traveling to different beaches and music concerts, and relaxing with family all rank high on her list of preferred hobbies.


Administrative Assistant

A warm smile and welcoming words greet you when you walk into our offices, and that’s because Carol embodies Southern hospitality. She keeps the rest of us on schedule – and takes the time to make sure everyone’s taken their lunch break! Her experience in Management and Administration continue to serve us all well.

Carol raises pine trees, dogs, a cat, and a cow on her farm – and family knows they always come first to her. This includes her M3 family!


Video Producer

Coley knows how to wield a camera and make it look good. From commercials to online content, he’s involved – both for us and for his own production company, Coleman Video Productions.

When he’s not creating eye-popping video, Coley loves continuing to engage in two things he learned when young: Acoustic guitar and cardio kickboxing. Feel free to ask him about the latest thing he’s fixed or created for his house, too, as long as he hasn’t spent the time playing Call of Duty online.


Media Strategist

No matter if you sell cars or practice law, own a retail shop or run a haunted house – odds are, Courtney’s helped a business just like yours. She boasts a wide range of account management experience from many years in the agency business, and you might’ve heard her voice over the radio airwaves on a commercial or two.

She often puts her Communications and Theatre degree to work as an actress when she gets the chance – which could explain why she gets a little overzealous about Halloween costumes. Other pastimes include hanging with her family, running, interior design, and helping others realize the rewards of adopting shelter pets.



Art moves people. But who makes art move? That’d be James – an animator fluent in many things Adobe. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and worked as a freelance graphic artist before making an awesome impression to land at our marketing agency.

When he’s away from his desk, James enjoys developing comics and cartoons, reading novels, and a good craft beer. And if he’s not out for a run, he may just have a hilarious cat video to share.


Video Production Manager

Joe’s 15+ years of experience in all aspects of audio and video production stem from time as a freelancer and at the National Wildlife Turkey Federation before landing at our marketing agency. If you need a commercial, promotional video, or something in between, he’ll make it look and sound the way you want.

He says he was born a century late, because he’d get along well with Daniel Boone. Outdoor recreation is his calling, and his 2003 U.S. Open Turkey Calling Championship victory is proof. Spending quality time with his family, hunting, and fishing round out his list of things he loves.


Media Planner

You’ve seen those commercials – the ones featuring a negotiator for the best price. Kelly knows all their secrets. That’s because she works with the entire M3 team to ensure ad placements and media buys benefit the client, and her Augusta University degree backs up her knowledge base.

So, how does our Media Planner relax? For Kelly, it’s enjoying a good meal with good wine, heading on the trail to backpack, decorating, or taking in all of downtown Augusta. As someone who often shops for the best deal for our clients, she naturally revels in a good deal for hersel

Kessler Cartledge

Jr. Account Executive

Social Media Manager. Junior Account Strategist. In-House Photographer. Customer Service Extraordinaire. Kessler does it all! She joined the M3 team after graduating from Georgia Southern University in 2017 with a degree in marketing, and minors in management and fashion merchandising and apparel design. Having worked in the retail industry since she was 16 years old, she has an unmatched passion for retail and product development that shines through in her attention to details and her whatever-it-takes attitude.

When she’s not crushing it at the office or cruising around in her Jeep Wrangler, she’s spending time outdoors or channeling her inner Joanna Gaines, tackling home improvement projects. Kessler also loves to surround herself with her three favorites: good people, good music, and her German Shepherd pup, Berkley.


Lead Designer

Everybody wants a good-looking website. Korey is what happens when design and web needs collide – someone who works in both digital and print mediums and understands the nuances of each. She began working at M3 right out of high school and continued in different roles throughout college; her degree made hiring her full-time a no-brainer!

If she’s not spending her day at the office, Korey’s yelling at the UGA or Seattle Seahawks game on TV. She makes her own beer and wine, plays in a cornhole league, and loves being outside with her “BBQ trio” of dogs named Hickory, Briquette and Woodford.


Media Strategist

From growing up in Dalton, Georgia, to graduating from Auburn University, then on to starting her career in Atlanta – Lauren landed in Augusta, joining our agency with a background in marketing and public relations. She’s one of our ever-so-talented Media Strategists we count on to make sure our clients are headed down the right path for growth and awareness!

After a long day of setting the stage for her clients, Lauren heads home to join her husband and two four-legged canines named Barkley and Dozer. That’s when she dives into her hobbies like interior design or planning the next big trip across the world. She may tell you she’s not an adrenaline junkie, but don’t let her fool you; she’s been scuba diving and skydiving!


Creative Director

Call her the master of the arts. Or maybe just our wealth of creative knowledge. Either way, it’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lynn’s 25+ years of advertising design experience. She’s worked for national companies such as Friedman’s Jewelers, and has earned multiple Advertising Federation awards.

Lynn’s creative nature never stops, and that fits with her bike riding, ice skating, roller skating, painting, get-me-to-a-beach personality. She once worked with the Sea Turtle Patrol to tag sea turtles who came ashore to nest and take their biological data.

Megan Rhea

Business Management

Cue the Indiana Jones theme song. Megan comes to us with a degree in anthropology with a focus on archaeology. Ask her and she will tell you about her various excavation expeditions, from Civil War POW camps to Native American sites. She also spent time working for the NASA DEVELOP program at UGA, where she mapped the migration patterns of elephants and buffalo in South Africa. Yep – she worked for NASA. No biggie. From all of these amazing experiences, she developed a strong attention to detail and a love for numbers and has found a home here at M3 as our business and billing extraordinaire.

When she is not in the office, you can find her in her kitchen whipping up a new batch of cocktail-inspired boozy cupcakes. She has a passion for reading, watching overly dramatic British TV shows, and exploring historical sites and cities with her husband.



Have you heard the phrase “Do math, and you can do anything?” That’s Melissa. She handles all of our marketing agency budgeting/invoices and can be called the queen of number crunching with her Accounting degree.

Family, going on walks with her husband and kids, a good shopping trip, and loving on her two dogs are her preferred hobbies, as is rooting for UGA while her husband cheers on the Crimson Tide. They’re united on a clothing brand they launched together, however – Kings Creek Apparel.



Call him a fearless leader. Or just an awesome boss. Or a visionary. They all fit someone with 30+ years’ experience in Augusta, Ga. advertising, ranging from integrated media solutions to outdoor advertising and television. Rick’s involved in many different processes and can often be seen hammering out details with a client.

Rick also works hard at improving his golf game on a weekly basis – at least, when he’s not at the beach with his family. Weight lifting, attending live sporting events, and trying new “interesting” dining experiences all rate highly on his personal to-do list.

Taylor Gass

Graphic Designer

Whether she’s behind the scenes composing photos at a shoot or in the office creating beautiful print materials for our clients, Taylor’s got a killer eye for design and the skills to bring clients’ visions to life. After graduating in 2013 from Augusta Tech with a degree in graphic design, she moved to Charleston and began developing and growing her own paper company by designing stationery, greeting cards, wedding invitations and the like. Fast-forward to present day, Taylor has joined forces with the M3 creative team and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

When she’s not designing ads or landing pages for clients, you can find her humming through used book stores in search of novels and vinyl records, sitting in a coffee shop with her phone on airplane mode soaking in the jazz music and laughter from friends while reading, or exploring the nearest Trader Joe’s.

Taylor Whitcraft

Ad Coordinator

Taylor comes to M3 all the way from the University of Maryland. Once she finished up her degree in communication studies in 2017, she moseyed her way down to Augusta, where she now assists all of our Account Executives with coordinating and managing projects. Her favorite part of her job? Helping communicate a client’s vision and getting to be an integral part of bringing it to life.

When she’s not in the office, odds are that she is either somewhere outside, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying all that nature has to offer or making brides all over the Augusta area look flawless on their big day with her stunning makeup skills. She has a love of all things green and spends her spare time wandering around nurseries and greenhouses and collecting plants. She prefers to be barefoot whenever possible and takes road trips whenever she can.



An owner of Hollywood Self Storage, Terry also operates as our Chief Financial Officer and keeps us accountable to the bottom line. His business expertise and perspective are major behind-the-scenes influences that keep our marketing agency moving in a strong direction!

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