Merit Flooring, Kitchen & Bath

The Mission

Business was still booming, but The Carpet Shop’s brand was becoming as dated as the wall-to-wall carpet trend. Established in 1957, it had proved capable of adapting with all sorts of flooring trends by carrying hardwoods, ceramics, and laminates. But the company’s name made branding this up-to-date nature of the store difficult.

The Carpet Shop needed a brand that was modern and reflected the business’ current focus – contemporary flooring, kitchens, and baths. Those aren’t exactly adjectives you’d usually associate with carpet! We understood discarded a well-established brand meant losing a bit of the illustrious history, but everyone agreed moving ahead meant moving on. The new brand needed to focus more on the quality of service and product the customer receives, with a name that wasn’t as product-focused.

Enter Merit.

The Plan

The transformation featured much more than switching out a few signs and ordering new stationary. Rebranding three retail locations was a real case of bringing in the new: Redesigned interiors, a new logo, signage, collateral materials, and vehicle branding.

But that alone wasn’t enough. We had to communicate, to both retail and commercial customers, that the Merit brand deserved the trust implied by the name. We developed a plan to effectively and efficiently communicate that to all of Merit’s many and varied customers, involving an active traditional and digital media campaign focused on bringing the new look. Logo, and message in the public eye.

The Tools  

  • Custom SEO-enhanced website
  • New television and radio creative
  • Targeted digital ads
  • A long-form infomercial
  • Dynamic vehicle wraps
  • Comprehensive redesign of public-facing brand elements – including uniforms, showrooms and collateral
  • Focused message delivery via media and in-store events

The Payoff  

  • Business in the Evans location rose 30% over the previous year.
  • Business at the Aiken location skyrocketed: 130% over last year!
  • Flooring sales increased.
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations are fully booked six months out.


The Carpet Shop had 50 years of success. —We gave that success Merit.

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