Patience is important with SEO

When you want your results to show up on the front page of Google, engaging in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how to get it done. If researched and implemented in a strategic manner, your site should begin showing for particular search terms.

The trick is knowing it doesn’t happen immediately, and as a Google Certified Partner, we understand every aspect of Search Engine Optimization – from building a new site to writing on-site content that highlights what your customers are searching for.

It’s helpful to know how search engines like Google work: Google indexes sites by sending bots to crawl each one. The bot checks for a variety of things that impact search ranking, such as whether it’s mobile-friendly, what words are used in page titles and the content, how many broken links exist, etc. Google indexes billion – that’s with a ‘b’ – of sites each day to keep its collective index of over 100 trillion sites as up-to-date as possible.

When we create a site for your business, we ensure it’s submitted to search engines so they have a blueprint as to what content you want customers to find. The sitemap we send also includes details on how important particular content is and how often Google and Bing should check different areas of the site. (For those sites we don’t host or create, make sure to contact your webmaster and ensure your sitemap is submitted!)

That’s why keyword research is so important – our Digital Specialists comb through Google’s data and work with the media specialist to ensure Google determines your site shows up for those terms and phrases that lead customers to contact you (or buy your product). This also involves working to establish a network indicating your site is a trusted resource for relevant information about search terms your customers are searching for.

There are also other factors impacting your ranking, such as industry competition and how people search for your products and services. Our research aims to design a strategy that encompasses all factors.

SEO is a long-term solution designed to move you steadily into the consumer’s focus – and keep you there. Legitimate SEO tactics won’t place you No. 1 in Google overnight, but you will be able to track business improvement as the process takes hold and changes are made to better serve the customer. Along the way, you can ask questions about why we’ve made particular changes, track your site’s rise in the results, and eventually, enjoy the results of earning your way to Google’s front page!

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