Tips for Effective Logo Design

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing a business is designing or redesigning a logo. A logo is more than just an object that is put on your sign or a company t-shirt. It should embody the culture of your company or organization. Your logo will be a representation of your company for many years and it should be something you are proud of. At Mass Media Marketing, we recommend that when you begin your pursuit of that perfect logo, use a professional. A professional graphic designer has had years of experience in creating beautiful and timeless logos that are the perfect representation of an organization. We do not recommend using internet sites or do-it-yourself programs for such an important business decision.

To cover this topic further, we decided to speak to the expert at Mass Media Marketing, art director Lynn Forbes. As a SCAD Alumnus, she believes good design is a labor of love and approaches each logo with thoughtfulness and creativity. With hundreds of logo designs under her belt, Lynn has provided these tips for an effective logo:

  1. Keep it Simple. – Don’t use every color in the rainbow. Actually, you shouldn’t use more than three colors. Design the logo so it’s strong in its presence and easy to read, so even your grandma can read it. Also, you have to think in terms of how it is to be used. For instance, if you are going to have it on a television commercial, will it be bold enough for the viewer to see it? Your logo will need to be able to stand on its own in black and white and as well as in color due to the multiple uses you may showcase it, so always consider the multiple platforms your logo will be displayed. Choose function over innovation.
  2. Keep it Classic – Your logo should have a timeless appeal. Your logo shouldn’t look trendy, and definitely not old-fashioned. Do not use special effects, obscure layouts, photographs, thin lines, taglines, more than two fonts and please, absolutely no clipart. Avoid the recent logo trends and think of your logo as a branding element to your business. A perfect example would be the wallpaper trend. Remember in the 90’s when all the dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms had wallpaper or even better…borders? You look at that now and it’s dated. It doesn’t hold up to today’s standards. Your logo should be classic, something you never get tired of looking at. Think ten, fifteen, twenty years down the road, will it hold up? There is nothing more deserving of a logo to have a modern, yet classic feel that holds it own for years to come.
  3. Keep it Real – You want your logo to reflect your business – so make sure it fits the personality of your business. For instance: don’t use a frilly font for men’s weight lifting equipment, make the logo bold and confident. Know who is going to be looking at your logo before you think of ideas for it. Make it recognizable, so people associate your company with what it is. Do not overpower the logo by adding every symbolic icon about your company, but make sure there is a connection to what your business represents.
  4. Keep selective Input – You should confirm that your new logo looks appealing, with at least three individuals. After all, you want your logo to be adored. An objective opinion is always welcomed, but remember unless that individual has design experience, keep it to just an opinion. Variations are great, in fact the more variations you have, the more likely you are to get the look you are wanting. However, you do not want input from your parents on what your logo should like, so stay on course with your thought process and let your designer get to work for you.
  5. Keep the Napkin – You’ve seen it before. Napkin doodles. Great ideas that come together over dinner, over conversation, and over drinks. If you write it down on a napkin, don’t throw it away. Share it with your designer, it may spark an idea. I always start on the drawing table, sketching ideas with the freedom of pen and paper. It looses your thought process and it’s quicker than drawing out all ideas on a computer. If you love it on a doodle, you’ll most likely love it when it’s drawn professionally on a computer.

Need more tips from Lynn or any of our Mass Media Marketing staff? Feel free to contact us!

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