Using Facebook to Build Your Business

How do you use Facebook to grow your business? It’s the Holy Grail to success with social media outlets that every business is looking for. Everybody has a Facebook page, and everybody is trying to get the attention of the potential customer base. When someone is successful at cutting through the clutter, it’s time to pay attention.

Bethany Roley has managed to grow her business, Bethany’s Bikini Boot Camp, exponentially by using Facebook. Her business model is rather unique, because she uses word-of-mouth to promote the boot camp and rarely uses traditional advertising. In that respect, she probably depends on social media more than most businesses do, and she recognizes the importance of staying in touch with her clients.

“Facebook exploded the business, it really helps me get the word out. We’ve tripled business just by using Facebook,” Roley said, adding that it helps her keep in personal touch with her clients.

It’s that personal touch that keeps her clients coming back for more. Our advice to growing businesses is to take a look at how to make that special connection with your clients through social media. When you do it the right way, it can be highly effective and successful.

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