You turn on the TV and a new commercial is on – with animated characters highlighting the strengths of a particular service. A few seconds later, you see a graphic making sure you understand the importance of the company’s product.

Both the character and the graphic stem from excellent animation, and we have in-house staff ready to take your advertising to an entirely new level.

This takes various forms, from your TV commercial’s graphics to banner ads and Flash ads online. We do motion graphics, animated Google advertising, short web videos, corporate logo treatments, and often our animator will use his custom drawings to create your perfect advertising. If you’ve seen an ad with animation that doesn’t look like your standard in-the-box ad, chances are it came from us.

Well-placed movement naturally draws in a person’s attention while reading or watching, and we harness industry research to create animations that impress your customers. Well-cited studies on the impact of online advertising have been conducted since the 1990s.

For instance, in 1998, researcher Ping Zhang wrote in Doing Business on the Internet: Opportunitz and Pitfallz “…it is believed using animation rather than static banners is a more effective way of online advertising, resulting in a 25% increase in click-through rates.” (pg. 36)

Now, the best ads effectively use animation in a variety of ways. Talking animals, magical lands, a crazy camera angle that isn’t humanely possible – they all stem from the art of great animation. It’s a delicate balance of wowing your customer and grabbing their attention without maligning the core message you’re trying to send, and our extensive experience and education lend itself to your needs!

Whether it’s coming up with a concept from scratch, taking a vision you saw on the Super Bowl ad you can’t stop thinking about, or something in between, we can bring your ideas to (animated) life. Don’t hesitate to ask how our animation services can boost your campaign today!

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