Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The world continues to move towards digital – that’s why a majority of web traffic is now from tablets and phones. As user behavior continues to evolve, so to must digital marketing plans. That’s why we offer comprehensive services, from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to various aspects of internet marketing.

Our SEO services provide the foundation for any strong digital marketing initiative. It involves multiple aspects, from optimizing your site’s content to ensuring all technical aspects are in place and that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more see what you want them to see. Ultimately, a search engine’s goal is to provide the most relevant information to what a given person is looking for – and SEO targets your content accordingly.

It’s not just about you, however – we also research your competition and pinpoint the best ways you can leap them in the search engines. With our monthly options, we also work to build trust for your site across the web and, for those with physical store locations, work to get the most accurate location listings for your business into the major data aggregators.

We also offer blogging services to help your site produce fresh content and provide another avenue for potential customers to find your site – or to better engage those who already do.

With optimized content comes new advertising opportunities. Our Search Engine Marketing services leverage your quality content to make for more effective campaigns. As a Google AdWords Partner, we also have personalized relationships with Google that most agencies simply don’t have.

When you Google something, the first few results are typically ads. These are Google AdWords entries (or Bing Ads, if using Bing!). Businesses pay to show up at the top of the Google search results, but it’s not as simple as paying the highest price. Remember, search engines want to serve the most relevant ads. Your site’s content, well-written ads, proper targeting, and expected performance all factor into how high your ad will show for each search it’s eligible for – and how much you’ll pay per click to your site.

That’s where expertise comes into play, looking at the entire picture instead of simply placing a few text ads. Our job is to optimize everything so you pay the least amount possible for each click to your site those ads earn! We can even leverage geo-targeting to target your ads to people in a specific part of town – such as when they are near your store.

We have a team of Google AdWords experts with years of experience who work to ensure you – and not your competition – get your customers to see your ads and click to go to your site.

We also stay on top of all Google Analytics data to ensure things are running smoothly, and are happy to give you access to see how we’re doing in the Analytics program or through a dashboard. We’ll explain what’s working well, what needs to be improved, if anything on your website could be changed based on how your customers are using it, and more. As user behavior continues to evolve, the Google Analytics data we have allows for quick adjustments to capitalize on emerging trends and give you the best digital marketing campaign possible.

Don’t forget the power of social media, as well! From running the most relevant, targeted ads on a variety of platforms to assisting with content generation to keep your audience engaged, our social media expertise opens even more digital marketing doors for your strategy. We understand your audience only use particular channels – it’s our job to make sure they see your message.

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