What’s ahead for digital advertising?

As the digital world continues to evolve, advertisers and agencies such as M3 have to keep up in the evolution process. Recently Mondelez International—whose brands include Oreo, Trident, Toblerone, and Chips Ahoy—proposed a plan for 50% of their budget to go towards a new video-buying strategy for mobile devices, and online video.

As online and mobile video and advertising continues to rapidly grow, companies such as Mondelez International are focusing less on traditional sources of media ( such as television) and putting their focus on digital marketing.

Digital allows the same opportunity to deliver strong and effective media brand campaigns just like television does, but with a greater ability for targeted messaging. This allows marketers to focus in on the exact audience they’re trying to sell to. Not only can digital be a more effective option, but according to research, digital media is now bigger than television advertising and is predicted to surpass television completely by 2018.

A great number from that AdWeek link:

Digital media advertising revenue grew by +17% in 2013 to $43 billion.

While our clients focus heavily on traditional forms of media, we’re on the cutting edge of digital media, with dedicated specialists in the thick of new developments and pushing our clients to the top of their respective industries. As sources such as newspapers, television, and radio begin to fade out—some quicker than others—the digital world will continue to grow, and we at M3 are here to welcome the change and educate our clients!

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