Where NOT to Spend Your Ad Dollars

As everything moves into the online cloud, you may be wondering where you should be spending your ad dollars in the real world. Things have changed, and they’ve changed quickly. It’s time to reassess ad budgets and shift dollars into the new media.

Print may not be completely dead yet, but it is certainly dying a slow, painful death. An old advertising standard currently on the chopping block is the phone book. Almost everyone under the age of 40 is going to head for Google before they even consider opening the phone book, if they even have one. Land lines are disappearing at an exponential rate, and the phone book will surely be extinct by the end of this decade.

There are exceptions to this for some service businesses – plumbers and contractors who haven’t quite made the transition to online, but even that is quickly changing. Unless your target audience is over 40, there’s really no reason to be there. As far as your ad budget, let your dollars do the walking somewhere else, as soon as possible.

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