Worst Marketing Advice Ever

Being a marketing agency, we hear a variety of opinions on how to advertise and market a business. Many businesses including other advertising agencies have misconceptions regarding marketing practices. We have seen and heard it ALL, including some interesting methods of saving money and stretching ad dollars. With the Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization potential of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn…lots of people think they have a degree in marketing.

Avoid making these haphazard assumptions yourself!

Some of the worst marketing advice:

1. My child needs to be in every television spot we produce….because my 11 year old daughter is considered a pro in the automotive industry amongst her elementary school peers. Or even better…my Labrador retriever..he can really sell!

2. My commercial spot needs to be aired during Sex & the City because that’s my favorite show. Even though my target demographic typically watches the Price is Right and Jeopardy.

3. Drink like the guys on Mad Men…you know, at Sterling & Cooper? I bet the massive amounts of liquor probably improve the creative flow.

4. I have to pay for a website? My neighbor’s sister’s brother-in-law will do it for free. I thought you were a marketing agency.

5.  SEO..You don’t need that!!! (Another agency actually said this to a potential client)

6. Yes, my Facebook is private…but my customers can find me! All they have to do is search!

7. I thought I would cut out the middle man so I just bought the Adobe Creative Suite…I’ll send you my newspaper ad in a few hours. Now does it need to be in pixels or inches??

8. We need a BRAND NEW image! But don’t change our logo or the website. Thanks!

9. We don’t need any help with marketing. Our word of mouth is enough. (And our one 2-star review on Yelp.)

If you ‘ve fallen into any of the advertising traps above and you are scratching your head in disbelief at the results…contact us!

Think you can’t afford to advertise? The truth is, you can’t afford NOT to!



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