How I got into marketing: Anna Mullikin, Media Strategist

Sometimes, it’s good to know the stories of the people working behind the scenes for your advertising and marketing efforts. This is part of our “How I got into marketing” series to give you, the reader, some of the awesome background behind our staff!

Public relations, pre-law, or Peace Corps?

Our own Anna Mullikin, currently a Media Strategist, had no idea. She was about to graduate high school here in Augusta, but each of the options weighed heavily on her mind.

Ultimately, her acceptance from the University of Georgia came, and off to Athens she went – but still without a clear direction of what she’d major in. But as she tells it, a longstanding memory has always stuck out, of a billboard she saw when she was young.

“We were on the way home from Thanksgiving in Savannah, and I was probably 7 or 8 at the time,” she says. “The board said ‘Wanna talk trash?’ and was for a waste management company. I laughed and laughed at that because I thought it was so clever.”

That love, and a knack for Language Arts classes, led to the realization Anna could use her loves of writing, rhetoric, art, and creative thinking in the advertising field. But as graduation approached, she wasn’t sure if she’d end up in Charlotte, Greenville, Atlanta, or back in her hometown of Augusta. Through a connection with WJBF, she learned of an opening for a Marketing Coordinator, working many events and in many facets of planning.

Eventually, her manager inquired as to her interest in a sales-oriented role – which she initially resisted.

“I kept thinking ‘HECK no’ because of some of the stigmas attached to working in sales,” Anna said. “But my manager made a point of showing me how much clients I worked with enjoyed the client-staff relationship our station had with them, and how I fit into that – and honestly, it was a great decision!”

In summer of 2015, we at Mass Media Marketing had an opening for someone who loved to network, could plan all the details a client would need in helping set a road map for staff, and have all parties involved smiling in the end. As an agency with connections to all local media outlets, word spread of the opportunity. As Anna says herself, being able to mix her knowledge of different mediums and act as a primary connection to a client – and as one of their advisers – is why she loves the #AgencyLife.

“I get to flex my creative muscle for the client, and I can give my clients my honest opinion about what would work best for them. Getting to be a part of our team that works hard to do the best we can for our clients – that’s pretty cool!”

Uncertainty and open doors created a path to M3 and into the advertising world for Anna – and we’ve been the better for it ever since!

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