Totality AwesoM3 Moon Tunes

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, Monday, August 21, 2017 is the day North America witnesses a total solar eclipse! Pretty sweet, right? Well, only if you’re in the path of totality that sweeps diagonally across the United States. Lucky for us!

solar eclipse path of totality

Recently, the staff has been creating playlists on our Spotify, and needless to say it’s a treat to listen and learn about everyone else’s taste in music. It’s allowed us to connect more, too! There will be blogs about this, so stay tuned. Anyway, that led to this. A few days ago Amy Callan came up with the brilliant idea to create a playlist for Monday’s solar eclipse. So Amy and Kristen Bowie got to work, and y’all… It does not disappoint.

[Drumroll please.]


M3 Eclipse Jams

Is it great, or is it great? Of course it’s great!! It’s got everything! Even though the songs have absolutely NOTHING to do with actual eclipses, they’re undoubtedly appropriate and make a solid playlist.

Well, folks – we’re jamming to it; we hope you’re jamming to it. And don’t forget your glasses when you decide to stare at the sun getting mooned.

Eclipse responsibly.

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