M3 Under Construction

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

When it comes to being the best option for our clients, we take our job very seriously here at M3. That’s why we were able to take some time out of our busy Monday schedule and replace our lunch break with a branding meeting. We wanted to discover what is important to each of us here in the office in terms of making our clients happy and pleased with the work we commit to them.

We were able to brainstorm and bounce some great ideas off one another that will help improve our branding style.

What exactly is our branding?

We believe that we have an office of individuals who are driven for success—not only for success in their own job, but success in their clients business. We take the time in investing in our clients, and returning the respect and trust that they have given us to do so. In terms of doing business, we walk alongside you. Our number one objective is to make our customers happy.

In order for us to create a happy customer, we must first create a happy work environment. With a positive staff and modern office, both of our visual and personal work environments scream creativity, and positivity. This office vibe is what we want our brand to represent.

In a business with what seems like endless competition, we aim to be the number one competitor. As one of the only all-inclusive in house agencies, we are able to give our clients what they deserve. Through the awareness with past and present clients we have proven our ability through success driven results.

Look out for a new M3 website coming soon!


Google Event at M3 Agency

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Google is coming to the M3 office, and you are invited!

Join us in our office, May 21st at 2 p.m. for, Partners Connect—a streamed event with content from Google employees.

The hour long stream will host three different speakers who will give an insight on helping small businesses thrive, examining how businesses can expand their online presence, and your businesses should go about working with an agency such as M3.

The event will be a great way for potential and current clients to learn about the partnership with Google that our office holds, as well sharing knowledge and building stronger relationships with them.

Refreshments provided by Starbucks will be available during the streamed event. Stick around after the stream as we will be holding a networking session to further build our relationship with you!

While the stream will be open to the public, we do ask you and your business to RSVP with our office if you plan on attending.

Policy change may be affecting your email deliverability

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Recently, Yahoo, and AOL have taken up war against fraudulent emails by updating their DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) authentication policy. This new policy targets emails suspected for spreading fraud or spam by stopping any personal or mail address that doesn’t originate from their servers.

This may seem like great progress in stopping those pesky spam messages from building up in your inbox—and it is—but a darker side comes along with the good—especially for marketing companies such as M3.

Using an email service provider such as MailChimp with a yahoo or AOL address will now prevent any of your emails and marketing campaigns from being sent. While your message is clearly not fraudulent, their company servers will not recognize it as such. If you also have been in the routine of using another email service to send mail from a separate email (using Gmail to send Yahoo addressed mail), then you also will be experiencing this traffic jam. The servers will recognize your address as not coming directly from their server and it will immediately be blocked from being sent or taken straight to the spam folder.

How can you avoid this headache? The most valid response to making sure your emails and campaigns are sent without problem is to change your email service provider. Changing over to another free provider such as Gmail or Hotmail may seem like the best idea—but that may not be the smartest decision down the line. While Yahoo and AOL are currently the only two providers to make this change known, there is no guarantee that other providers won’t quickly follow suit. With this obstacle in the way, the best option is to create or use your own personal email domain, such as

Despite the lack of warning, Yahoo and AOL’s decision to implement this change will be beneficial for everyone. Be sure to check your email reports now and in the future to make sure this change isn’t affecting you.

LOVE: Part 2

Monday, February 17th, 2014

By Molly Richardson, Creative Services Specialist at M3 Agency

M3 Agency | Mass Media Marketing | LOVE

Part 2: Our Office aka the M3 Workspace

It’s rare that an office of people can say that they not only work in a beautiful space but also with beautiful people. Here, at M3 Agency, we are fortunate that we can say both. Through the years we have poured our heart and soul in to the office space, with gorgeous paintings and art displays designed by our art director and her daughter, Lynn and Stephanie Forbes. We consider it an honor to be able to hang these designs by these two talented artists in our office.

M3 Agency | Mass Media Marketing

Recently, we underwent construction to give our design team an inspired room for collaboration and creativity to abound. We are now proud to say, that they are in one room where they can share ideas and inspire one another surrounded by natural light. Other members of our staff choose to find inspiration in pictures of family and friends, personal artwork, letters, notes, calendars and treasured books.


LOVE: Part 1

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

By Molly Richardson, Creative Services Specialist at M3 Agency

M3 Agency | Mass Media Marketing | LOVE


This February in honor of Saint Valentine we are writing a blog series on things, we at M3 Agency | Mass Media Marketing simply LOVE.

Part 1: The Addys

Saturday night, the M3 Team joined Augusta’s many talented agencies and creative minds in celebrating great advertising in the form of design, production, branding and vision. Every year the Addys leave us feeling excited and challenged to raise the bar in 2014.

With that said, responsible marketing starts with a strategic plan. Reach and frequency are just as important as the creative message. Sexy, appealing, eye candy is no good if its never seen, heard or found. Striking the competitive balance for our client is where we exceed.

The majority of our clients, as the saying goes, have money on their mind and their mind on the money. Budget is a priority for our local, regional, and national small to mid-sized businesses. So we choose to get the biggest bang for our client’s buck. You have $8,000?…why not let us build a website (that works) AND film a commercial!

Listed below are our Addy Awards, which we are very privileged and proud to receive! But even more exciting and rewarding are the case studies we LOVE to write and research….because the evidence found in case studies prove that we know our business! ROI for our clients, Results and Retention are key factors that drive everything we do! And at the end of the day our clients are our family and we LOVE nothing more than to see them succeed.

Addy Awards 2014 

Gold & Special Judge’s Award by Wanda McCoy-M3 Agency Holiday Card

Silver-Plantation Blood Commercial

Bronze- Taylor BMW Audrey Spot Commercial

Bronze- Augusta Solid Waste Campaign


Worst Marketing Advice

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

By Molly Richardson, Creative Services Specialist at M3 Agency

Being a marketing agency, we hear a variety of opinions on how to advertise and market a business. Many businesses including other advertising agencies have misconceptions regarding marketing practices. We have seen and heard it ALL including some interesting methods of saving money and stretching ad dollars. With the Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization potential of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn…everyone thinks they have a degree in marketing. Avoid making these haphazard assumptions yourself and read below.

Worst Marketing Advice by M3Agency

1. My child needs to be in every television spot we produce….because my 11 year old daughter is considered a pro in the automotive industry amongst her elementary school peers. Or even better…my Labrador retriever..he can really sell!

2. I think this bathroom would make a great location to advertise the new entree at my 5 star restaurant!

3. My commercial spot needs to be aired during Sex & the City because that’s my favorite show. Even though my target demographic typically watches the Price is Right and Jeopardy.

4. Do your employees drink like the guys on Mad Men…you know at Sterling & Cooper? I bet the massive amounts of liquor probably improve the creative flow.

5. I have to pay for a website? My neighbor’s sister’s brother-in-law will do it for free. I thought you were a marketing agency.

6.  SEO..You don’t need that!!! (Another agency to a potential client)

7. Yes my Facebook is private…but my customers can find me! All they have to do is search!

8. I thought I would cut out the middle man so I just bought the Adobe Creative Suite…I’ll send you my newspaper ad in a few hours. Now does it need to be in pixels or inches??

9. We need a BRAND NEW image! But don’t change our logo or the website. Thanks.

10. We don’t need any help with marketing. Our word of mouth is enough. And our one 2 star review on Yelp.


If you have fallen trap to any of the marketing advice above and you are scratching your head in disbelief please call us at 706-651-0053…we can HELP you!


Think you can’t afford to advertise? The truth is, you can’t afford NOT to!



Behind the Scenes, It’s a NEW Year!

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

By Molly Richardson, Creative Services Specialist at M3 Agency

We are exceptionally proud of our entire team at Mass Media Marketing! We ended year 2013 with unbelievable growth. It’s not all about the numbers behind profit either. Our family of clients has grown and made us a very grounded business. We added 4 people to our staff in various departments and positions which has allowed us to provide MORE outstanding results to our clients! And of course, as always, we prospered in vision, creativity, knowledge and camaraderie.

We literally do it all–media buying, web design, SEO (search engine optimization), customer service, video production, web development, creative design (collateral design, event design, direct mail design, logo design, etc.) and every form of internet marketing that we know exists! We like to think that our variety of skills makes us well rounded…much like our orange mascot :)

The staff here at M3 agency used creative vision to plan this commercial for a couple of months before an animator was found. In November, M3 had the pleasure of adding James Tilby to the team. He immediately got to work illustrating produce and the rest of us prepared to film a commercial. With the help of a few local partners we found ourselves in the Kroger grocery store late one night. After that it was simply a race against the clocks to get the video edited and animation completed before the end of 2013.  Below is a shortened version of the commercial for television purposes. Hope you enjoy!


Cultivating Creativity

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

By Molly Richardson, Creative Services Specialist at M3 Agency

“The more you rub your creative lamp, the more alive you feel,” said Alex Osborn.

We, the M3 staff, firmly believe in creativity and desire to cultivate talent, vision, imagination and originality within our workplace. We have our own ideas as to how this is done but we are always looking into ways to become more creative, collaborative and effective as a team. This week our internet marketing director stumbled upon an article printed in the New Yorker from a year ago that discussed research regarding the effectiveness of brainstorming. So of course, our staff immediately started reading and looking for practical ways to apply these concepts. Many of the ideas were compelling and even surprising. This is what we learned:

1. Brainstorming is only effective if we follow this rule. Has anyone ever told you ‘If you can’t say anything nice…don’t say anything at all’? Well turns out criticism and negative feedback are essential components to productive idea cultivation. Now we aren’t saying ugliness is permissible…but don’t keep quiet if an idea needs a little work.

2. Turns out we were spot on with our workplace design…Intimate space is important! We recently underwent construction to bring our designers together in one workspace. We wanted our creative team to be able to consult one another, encourage ingenuity, and build close relationships. But this isn’t our only workplace win. We have 16 in house staff members consisting of designers, producers, account executives and administration. We force them to interact at the watering hole, in the kitchen and even in their walks to the bathroom via our office space.

“The most creative spaces are those which hurl us together,” said author, Jonah Lehrer.

3. This leads to another fascinating concept. Teamwork has increased…duhh! But why? Well Lehrer found that the teamwork increase is due to an increase in specialization. People have become more specialized because the remaining problems in the world are incredibly hard! So it is more important than ever to be a team that is in sync.

4. Now this is where it gets really complicated. For this whole team thing to work out…we must be close relationally to collaborate but not too close because then our ideas will be the same and innovation will be lost. We must be near to one another in terms of physical proximity but we must simultaneously induce conflict to stimulate new ideas.

“It is the human friction that makes the sparks,” said Lehrer.

We are always learning at Mass Media Marketing.


Lynch Toyota Iron Bowl Car Giveaway

Monday, November 18th, 2013

By Molly Richardson, Creative Services Specialist at M3 Agency

Lynch Toyota of Auburn is launching an exciting giveaway based on the outcome of the 2013 Iron Bowl. To win: purchase any vehicle at Lynch Toyota of Auburn Nov. 19 through Nov. 29 and if Auburn “shuts out” Alabama, Lynch  Toyota will reimburse the purchase price of that vehicle. This requires Auburn to prevent Alabama from scoring any points. It has happened before in 1955, 1957, 1987 and 2000.  In addition to the car giveaway, any customer who test drives a vehicle during the same time period will be automatically entered into a random drawing to win $25,000 cash if Auburn just wins the game.