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Consumers in their 20s Switch Media up to 27 Times an Hour!

Monday, April 9th, 2012

A new study indicates that today’s twentysomethings switch media outlets up to 27 times per hour. Per hour! That means they are going back and forth between their TVs, computers, iPads, smartphones, and traditional media on a constantly revolving basis. Talk about attention deficit! The generation raised online has taken short-term attention spans to a new level.

Needless to say, this brings a whole new challenge to advertising and marketing to the younger crowd. How do you catch the attention of someone who is going to barely stay in one place for more than 2.2 minutes? Obviously, traditional media isn’t going to work.

When you are trying to navigate through the rough waters of marketing to a young, online audience, you need someone who can help you stay the course. M3 specializes in reaching out to your customer base, no matter where they are. We can help you focus your efforts for online marketing, along with advertising efforts in the “real world”. Make your ad budget go the extra mile and call us today!

Searches Mean Sales Offline

Monday, December 12th, 2011

According to a new study, paid search equates to more sales in-store than online. As a matter of fact, for every dollar spent in online sales, more than $6 went to in-store sales. That’s quite a spread in terms of difference in impact, and it’s quite opposite of conventional wisdom. The researchers came to this conclusion by using coupons with unique codes that could be tracked back to the original paid search.

For retailers, this means you need to be aware that internet marketing efforts will most likely mean more sales in your physical retail locations than it will online. Search marketing is crucial either way, even if you only have retail locations and don’t have an online storefront. Now more than ever, an online presence is absolutely critical.

At Mass Media Marketing, we can optimize your website for online searches so you’ll have the maximum return on your advertising budget. We’ll help you translate those searches into sales!